Kitchen island decorating tips

You can use the kitchen the centerpiece of your house then you have to decorate properly, especially if you have a kitchen with the shape of the island. Each country has its own habit of managing the kitchen. Usually the kitchen is placed behind in a house and hidden in the living room. The development of the kitchen that can now be functioned as a space where the family gathered let alone a kitchen with island shape that the room is large enough to be an exclusive area in a modern house. The situation now changes, especially for most Americans, the kitchen becomes a focal point in a home and the most important part for family and kitchen life can be multi-function depending on you use it and decorate it. The fact that the average house size decreases, but the size of the kitchen increases proportionally and the kitchen becomes the center of attention if one enters the house. The homeowner now puts the kitchen somewhat haphazardly no longer hidden in the back. The development of the kitchen that changed from before so many we see discussing the kitchen including design and decoration with the many sites that discuss the…

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