Cheap wood floor alternatives

Choosing wood flooring alternative according to your dwelling into a trend lately. This is due to the wooden floors give a feel of its own so that an option for homeowners to certain situations and conditions. Floor comfortable situation in the foot and give a traditional feel is a distinguishing feature of the wooden floor. The main problem is the wood becomes scarce and expensive, and quite a lot of care when compared with other materials such as ceramic, marble and other flooring materials. The most common materials used for wood floors such as wood lime, oak, walnut, maple and others that are quite expensive. Parquet flooring is one material made of processed wood that is mostly applied to the floor with certain conditions. For example, solid parquet made of solid wood pieces that usually has a thickness of 1.5 cm and the price is also more expensive than laminate parquet. This parquet will give the impression of luxury and weaknesses susceptible to termite attack. There is another wood laminate made of fiber material similar to that in the design of timber has the advantage to cover the weaknesses of the wooden floor. Advances in technology, especially materials for flooring…

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