Caring for kitchen utensils made of wooden

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Caring for kitchen utensils made of wooden,  of course if you have a kitchen by using materials made of wood, such as kitchen cabinets or cabinets used for storing food are made of wood. The weakness of the wood is easily scratched very susceptible to moisture, otherwise it is attacked by termites. For that treatment needs to be performed regularly such as painting and of course clean it regularly

The wooden furniture is much preferred because it provides an unique decor in the kitchen. Material from the timber gives the impression that blends with the natural, wooden furniture also makes the house feel more comfortable although the air is hot or vice versa in the winter is very cold. Household furniture including those widely used in the kitchen gives the impression of a comfortable and unique if the material is made of wood. Ranging from furniture cabinets, the handle of the knife, plate racks, to fry foods many of which are made of wood.

Having a wooden kitchen furniture is fun and gives the impression of elegance, but the wood has its disadvantages one is easily scratched. Scratches little can disturbs the look of your unique kitchen tool. To eliminate if the surface is scratched wooden equipment, here are some ways to care for and eliminate the scratch marks his return so good as before.

Using oil to restore the luster of the wood and reduce the appearance of scratches widely recommended by experts. But if your kitchen tools made of teak, should avoid the use of oil for hastening the onset of fungus on the surface. Instead of using oil, you should leave it alone because teak furniture has a self-repair mechanism which is able to produce oil continuously from the inner layer so the color is more durable.

Removing scratches can be done with simple materials around us and without the use of chemicals. For example if an unique kitchen tool wooden yours is not made of teak, you can only use the coffee grounds for removing scratches and make it smooth again. The trick, take advantage of the coffee powder deposition that you drink to rub it on the surface of the wooden kitchen tool. Apply using a cotton bud, especially if the scratches are in a narrow carving difficult to achieve with a finger. Let stand for about ten minutes then rinse with a clean soft cloth. Repeat these steps for kitchen appliances from wood cleaner and shiny.

In addition, the tea bag can also be used to eliminate scratches on the surface of wooden kitchen utensils. If the tea bag moistened with water, the longer the darker the color will change. Adjust the color changes with the color of your wood kitchen tool. If the color is already approaching, place the wet tea bag to the surface of the wood furniture is scratched. Let stand for a few moments before wiping with a soft cloth. Scratches will be obscured.

For kitchen cabinets made of wood if you can paint faded and clean all before doing the painting. Food and drink spills often pollute parts of the cabinet. One is the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, to the cabinet must have a good appearance. Painting on a regular basis is one solution besides avoiding from termite attack.
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