Caring for hardwood floors its advantages and disadvantages

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Excess wood flooring is providing its own nuances such as warmth and comfortable on the feet. Her weakness is a material made of wood would require special treatment different from other flooring materials such as floor tiles.

The use of wood flooring will give the feel of beauty and have a high artistic value.
The problem is interference with the timber so high that people are shy to use this type of flooring and more use of other materials such as ceramic, terrazzo, marble or other flooring materials.

One problem that often arises is as scratches which would obviously detract from the beauty of the wood itself. The occurrence of scratches can be caused by various things such as the presence of pets in the home such as dogs and cats, dragging heavy objects like cabinets, chairs and other furniture that is often moved.

Therefore if the use of wood flooring many people only use certain spaces such as bedrooms, the second floor to avoid pets and hardwood floors are also often lined with carpet.
To move heavy objects such as furniture indoor wooden floor should be lifted and not dragged as it will scratch the floor.
You should not use high heels because it will scratch the floor, especially when the shoe is dirty. Shoes should not be used on wooden floors. If using the shoes choose shoes that are made of rubber.

If sweeping the floor, choose a soft material or a material made from a dry cloth. Do not use a damp cloth using much less water. This will result in the top layer of wood will quickly erode.
Generally, wood floor care and maintenance homeowners use a vacuum cleaner that will not damage the floor.
Make sure that every person who entered the room with a wooden floor, the feet must be clean.

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